More than just wheels. It's passion and lifeblood.

Anyone who drives a young or classic car doesn't just want to get from A to B. Of course, modern vehicles today offer more comfort, more power and more safety than old ones. But the electrifying feeling that you only feel behind the wheel of a car such as an old 911 Porsche or Ford Escort, which drives through you like a bolt of lightning, is simply unique. 

As soon as you get in, such a car takes you over completely: Everything is pure, real, mechanical and individual. The cold metal of the handle, the heavy door that creaks slightly when it opens and bangs loudly when it falls back into the lock. The seat, whose soft, fragrant, old leather welcomes you and only seems complete when you sit in it. All the history you feel when you touch the worn leather and old plastic of the steering wheel, shift knob and buttons. The wild, untamed power and perhaps metallic screech and thunder or snotty sound of the engine. The pure, slightly angular mechanics of the gearshift. All this and much more gives such a car a unique character, a personality, and makes it irresistible to us.